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5 Reasons to Take Advantage of Custom Embroidery

When considering branding options for company apparel, embroidery is arguably better suited. The art of stitching logos onto clothes has been around for a long time, and when it comes to creating lasting professional logos, embroidery is quite clearly the superior option.

Branded apparel can have loads of benefits for your company. A good logo builds credibility, and it gives you the authority that people can trust. It is also a superb team-building tool that brings employees together, but one can argue that the biggest benefit of having a well-embroidered logo is the impact it has on your company image.

Why Choose Custom Embroidery?

Branding methods like screen printing are also widely available and cost more or less the same as custom embroidery. So, why opt for custom embroidery?

It Looks Professional

Among the things your customers will take into account, the first impression is your company logo. They might find it on an employee’s uniform or on brand apparel, and use it as a basis to judge your level of service or quality.

Embroidered designs are simple, bold, and get the message across effectively. Today, embroidery machines make it possible to use thousands of different fonts, colors, and graphic designs to make your logo. With such precision and speed at your disposal, you can embroider virtually any design you want onto garments in a matter of minutes.

Suitable For Different Materials

Custom embroidery can be done on a wide range of materials. It is quite the universal fix when it comes to branding garments for different departments of the same company.

Embroidered logos can either be sewn on directly onto the piece of clothing or alternatively, an embroidered patch can be sewn on instead. It is partially why the branding method is ideal for a wide range of applications.

Doesn’t Fade or Wear Off

Screen printed logos can be vibrant, well-detailed, and quite professional-looking. In fact, in some cases, screen printing is a better method than embroidery. However, all screen printed designs inevitably suffer from wear and tear. They begin to fade or lose their outline, and this leads to poor first impressions.

Embroidered logos are made from colored thread, so the color remains vibrant and sharp even after multiple wash cycles. If you need your logos to last, consider custom embroidery as it is far more lasting.

Allows the Garment to be Washed as Usual

An embroidered logo is basically a bunch of stitches. It can be washed together with the garment without fading or rubbing off. Therefore, embroidered designs are conducive to cleaning and laundering.

Not many inks can withstand the industrial cleaning processes of a Laundromat or dry cleaner, but thread certainly can. Embroidery is an apparel branding method that doesn’t interfere with how the item of clothing is cleaned and maintained.

Lots of Color Choices at Your Disposal

There are plenty of colors to choose from when selecting a thread for your custom embroidered design. You will not be limited in any way. With the current technology, you can create the most highly detailed embroidered logo using any color you wish.

Embroidery Professionals

Want your next designs to look professional? Murrieta Embroidery is the way forward. We’ve been creating custom embroidered designs for a while, and we believe we are what you need to make your next logo a success.

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